Hobbit Desk Plans   $25

  Saw Vise Sketchup model Free

    BucketBoss Saw Bags  $20

   BearKat logo hats   $17

     Relocate Your Donkey

         Stickers         $3

     Chair Scraper       $10

     Custom saw making

     Relocate Your Donkey

           T-Shirt         $25

      Stickers  $3

  BearKat Wood Hats    $16

Of course this means to "move your a$$" and get to work  ;)

Use on metal surfaces to lubricate and prevent rust.  Great on hand saws, planes and machine surfaces  such as your jointer and table saw.

Saw bag holds three saws and loads of other goodies in various compartments. Perfect for traveling.

  Wood Grained Wax Blocks

    set of two 3"x 4"      $5