Please provide hand measurements so the saw can be custom sized to you.

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                                                                                                                                         BearKat Saws
If you are interested in a saw purchase please take a minute to look through my wood choices below and select a handle species. If you do not see what you want or if it needs to be ordered please let me know. I can also make a saw from a piece of wood you might have as long as it is straight grained and free from defects. I like to use a piece that is 8”x8"x1" to make a tote from if this is the case.
Saw Pricing.

Panel Saw   $275                             $285                                  $295
    Tenon       $255                             $265                                  $275
    Carcass    $245                             $255                                  $265
    Dovetail   $225                             $235                                  $245
Wood Species. 
                        Walnut                         Bubinga                              Chakte Viga
                        Maple                          Curly maple                       Olive
                        Cherry                         English Walnut                 Bocote
                        Beech                          Goncalo Alves                   Granadillo
                        Myrtlewood               Leopardwood                  cocobolo
                        Mahogany                  Curly Walnut                     Rosewood
 $25 shipping charge per order inside the US. International orders will need to be calculated and added to the total. You are free to choose your wood and type of saw and send payment, locking your position in the waiting list and the shipping can be adjusted prior to completion.
I currently have a three to four month backlog of orders so your patience is appreciated. 
If you are ready to lock your position in the saw making queue you can see the above price list and calculate what you are wanting, send a paypal payment to this email or send me an email and I can send you a paypal request. Customizing and adding to the order is possible, the initial payment is to secure your space in the timeline for your saw/s and the total can be amended if needed for additions or reductions up until the time construction begins.
Thank you for your interest in my work and I look forward to making you a saw you can hand down for generations. Happy Woodworking.
Any other questions or concerns can be addressed via email to me. 
Brian Noel
BearKat Wood